Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Divas, Rawhide Bones, and Stinky Fish

Let me introduce  Miss Foo Foo Diva on the left and Miss Practical Diva on the right.  They both love to shop but when you take Miss Foo Foo Diva into a shop her eyes glaze over and she starts talking very fast.  Not that she doesn't anyway but it goes into high gear when shopping. "Nana, can I have this!? Oh, I want that! Please, Can I get this, also!?"  On and on it goes.  

Because of my history of shopping with her I found myself preparing a speech to give  before I picked her up to buy a birthday gift for a  party that she and Miss Practical Diva were about to attend.  It went something like this:  "Remember we are not buying for you.  We are not looking at stuff for you.  We are looking for a birthday gift. You have to hurry because we have to pick up Pop and then go pick up Miss Practical Diva."  Knowing this could fail I went on preparing my speech. " You just had a birthday in May and were blessed with so many gifts.  You don't even stop to think how many things you got and how much you are blessed.  You need to be thankful for what you........"  In the back of my mind I heard this voice starting to speak, "You really want to go there?"  

"Uh, no.  Let me rework that speech".  I found the rest of the day and the next day bordering on the ridiculous thanking Him for every little thing. That was Saturday and part of Sunday. Monday not so much, if any. Tuesday, nope and now it is Wednesday.  It isn't that I'm not thankful and I do thank Him but I find I take Him for granted.  

So, as if it wasn't clear enough or because I wasn't putting what I heard into to practice He made it a little clearer through a dog. Yes, a dog.  This dog.

When Ronnie retired I told him if it had to be fed and taken care of I did not want it.  He could stay. 

 Before we took  a trip Mother's Day weekend  I emptied our fridge and threw the food in a scrap pile in the woods.  On our return the above dog met us with a grin on his face while running across the yard as if to say, "You're home! You're home!"  I actually started laughing.  As true to form, Ronnie got out and started trying to run him off (he does this often with neighbor dogs) and I began unloading the car.  I was putting the first load down when Ronnie comes in telling me the dog just cowered down and got under my storage building.  I nodded   thinking he would leave.  The dog not Ronnie.  Nope. He adopted us.  Nothing we did could run him off.  He would cower down and  get under a building.  You could see his ribs so I started giving him scraps of food and Ronnie couldn't stand his cowering down so he started talking to him. Then we bought dog food and the rest is history.  Ronnie named him Trespass since that is exactly what he did.

He was so thankful for every morsel of food and loving we gave him.  He took to me and cowered with Ronnie which shows which sex must have mistreated him.  We bought him a rawhide bone  he devoured and he learned to sit instead of jumping  when he wanted to be petted. He is good with the grand kids   They wanted to walk the trails so Ronnie told him to go with them. He did and they said he stayed with them the whole time.

He also likes to drag up dead things and roll on in them and chew the bones.  Once he was so proud of himself he came bouncing toward me with that grin on his face to give me something dead. I threw up one finger  hollering, "NO!"  He dropped it and Ronnie had to remove it to the woods although it was back the next morning.  I had the bright idea of buying rawhide bones and maybe he would quit bringing us gifts. Remembering how he loved the first rawhide bone we gave him I found him lying under my new ride.  I called him to me.  He looked at me like I was interrupting his nap (I was); but he grudgingly came to me.  I showed him the raw hide bone.  He sniffed and looked at me.  WOULD NOT EVEN TAKE IT! I said, "Are you kidding me! You are not going to take it?" Yes, I did.  He just sat down and looked at me.  It was a flavored one, too.   I pitched it across the yard thinking he would go get it. It laid there a day and half until another dog came through and took it.  Spoiled rotten and has taken things for granted where he was once thankful for every little thing.

Remember those times? When you were first saved or we see Him do something really special in our lives?  Yeah, me too. How thankful we were!  Then we start focusing on day to day things.  Things we want to do and what we want.  Just like Trespass we may choose to drag dead things into our lives rather than the living Word.  We may dwell on dead things, also.  Rolling around in our minds the woes in our lives. Preferring dead thoughts and actions and taking granted those things which have been given to us.   

Then there are the stinky fish. One Hundred Fifty Three of them.  Who counts fish, anyway?  A fisherman.  My dad would call me to tell me how many he caught on any given day; and so did Peter.  One of Ronnie's cousin posted on Facebook  a blog she had read  and it was so timely.  I know I will never be able to write like others;  so I want to share the link.  Take the time to read it if life is stinky right now. It is during the stinky times of our life that we really need to count our blessings. Even more so if our memories are stinky.  If we are busy counting blessing it doesn't matter that the fishy part stinks.  There will be a feast laid out for us.
Blessings and my love to you today.
................Rejoice that your name is written in the Book of Life