Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Unlike my girls or my granddaughters I missed having times with my daddy when I was little.  Those times when you wake in the morning and curl up  in bed with them or sit in the lap as they read to you.  The times when you look at your daddy and know you are the apple of his eye. My time was two weeks in the summer and alternative holidays. The one gift he gave me that no one could take away was I was the first person he led to know the salvation of God.  He often said he was shaking and stuttering when he led me in prayer.  Then around twelve or so distance in miles and distance in the hearts separated.

God in all His goodness brought us back together when I was pregnant with my first child.  There seemed to be a void or longing to talk to him again. So strong was the void that I wrote him a letter letting him know he was going to be a Papaw.  Chalk it up to hormones but I will chalk it up to the Spirit of God moving in my life rather I recognized it or not.

And so, began our journey together began. Two people reaching out who knew too little of what made the other tick and too little of  our Abba Father.  We began to open the can of worms by talking things out, confessing, and forgiving all the while growing closer to our Abba Father. When daughter #2 was enjoying her wedding reception and everything was in full  swing; I had him go back into the church and gave him the gift of walking me down the aisle.  Something he didn't get to do when I got married.  A remark our pastor said that day stuck in my memory.  "God is a God of second, third, fourth chances." 

My daddy ran ahead of me spiritually so close was he to His Abba Father. So close that he ran right into His arms and once again left me in 2010.  This is not a journey of tears but of victory for both of us.  His is completed and mine is ongoing every day.

My Abba Daddy has always been patient with me rather I was in full swing rebellion or walking close with Him.  He has allowed me to open cans of worms, listening to my confessions, forgiving me, and loving me.  Little by little He has walked the painstakingly path of faith until I could fully trust Him with my heart and because of that I can honestly say, "I am a Daddy's girl".

I started this blog because within twenty-four hours two people unknowing of the other told me I should share the things I write with other people.  I told one that I would pray but had my doubts. On our way home last night in the darkness I began to think on the conversation I had with one when I began to feel the tangible presence of God.  I quietly asked if He was giving me the go ahead and in the recesses of my mind He brought back a memory.

Years ago I attended church with my daddy and his pastor said something that struck a chord within me.  Later that afternoon I started writing and daddy asked to read what I was writing.  After reading it he said, "You should share your heart with people when you write.  You have a gift".  Then the words came,"Daddy's Girl".

Maybe you have always been a daddy's girl or maybe not.  I don't know where you stand in your own journey but I hope you can glean from the things He has given me.  Oh, and the title, In the Beginning. Well, this is the beginning of His creation. 

Come and enjoy this journey with me. After all, you can never be to old to be a Daddy's girl.

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